About the Firm

Both in career and in life, Jim Hohenstein and Sheryl Parkinson have been a team since 1984.

While Jim and Sheryl are originally from different states located far from the sea (Illinois and Nebraska, respectively), both were drawn to a career in the U.S. Navy. In 1984, they met as Navy Lieutenants assigned to Naval Station Treasure Island, a naval base located on an island in San Francisco Bay. They married in 1986. At that time, Jim was assigned to a battleship homeported in Long Beach, California, and Sheryl was stationed at a naval submarine base located near Seattle.

Jim and Sheryl later lived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where Sheryl began her civilian legal career. They moved to New York in 1990, where Jim commenced his civilian legal career.

While in New York, Jim and Sheryl continued their service in the naval reserve. At various times during this service, they served in the same unit. Their personal relationship was no impediment to working together productively, as they share the common military value of devotion and dedication to the mission assigned.

In 2021, Jim and Sheryl decided to resume working together as law partners. They established Hohenstein & Parkinson, LLP, to focus on providing maritime law counsel and representation to law firms and individual clients. These two accomplished attorneys now bring the same dedication to the firm’s clients and matters as they applied in their military assignments and previous civilian positions — prompt and cogent advice, objective analysis, considered judgment and zealous advocacy.

Additional Information

For details about the practice at Hohenstein & Parkinson, please refer to the practice area pages. The biography pages for Jim Hohenstein and Sheryl Parkinson provide more information about their professional experience. To request additional information or schedule a consultation, please call 917.873.2528 or send an email to info@hplawnyc.com.